Welcome to Tornevalley is a digital information and knowledge platform that is aimed at fishing in Tornedalen and the Haparanda archipelago. The purpose is for users to be able to access information and find fishing spots, accommodation, petrol stations and etc. Inside the application you’ll find a map and list function that will help you find the nearest current location.

Hopefully helps you find your absolute favorite fishing spot here in Tornedalen and the Haparanda archipelago!

Fishing rules Tornedalen and Haparanda archipelago

The county administrative board in Norrbotten are responsible for the general fishery regulations in Norrbotten.

The Torne River, bordering between Sweden and Finland, where fish species salmon, grayling and trout (trout protected) are controlled by the Border River Commission.


Under these rules, fishing rights holders can have their local (stricter) rules for fishing, it is important that before each time you start fishing, you should find out which current fishing regulations are in question.

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